PGY1 Program Requirements


Residency certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the following activities:


  • Major Projects – Two (2) required (1 research project, 1 process improvement project)

  • At least two (2) Medication Use Evaluation(s) (MUEs)

  • At least four (4) Education Programs 

  • Administrative project – choose one (1) to work on with one of managers

  • Maintain Duty Hour Log

  • Health System Meetings (P&T, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Medication Safety, others per interest)

  • Volunteer Activities – Two (2) per year

  • Recruitment Support – Florida Residency Conference, Midyear Residency Showcase, etc.

  • BLS / ACLS / PALS certification

  • Evaluations – completed within 7 days of rotation completion in Pharm Academic

  • Portfolio Completion (residency certificate will not be issued until turned in to RPD)

  • Residents will complete 12 months of residency equaling to 2080 hours per year. 

  • Teaching certificate 

  • Document at least four (4) adverse drug events (or near misses) into our electronic reporting system (ERS) on a monthly basis or at least forty-eight (48) over the course of the year.

  • Each resident will be expected to meet ASHP standards throughout the year of residency training, in educational and professional progression.

  • Goals and objectives for each learning experience are detailed in Pharm Academic and will be used to guide the resident training. 

Departmental Service Commitment – average 40 hours every 4 weeks or 60 hours every 6 weeks

     *  The Adult residents will work 1/2 evening per week and every 3rd weekend to accommodate the required hours. 
     *  The Pediatric resident will work every other weekend and 1 full evening shift per month to accommodate the required hours.



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